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Order your watch battery, calculator battery, remote control battery, remote keyless entry battery and more. All batteries are reasonably priced and you get FREE shipping in the USA!


Welcome toWatch Batteries USA! 

Watch Batteries USA logoEstablished 1999

You can order Watch Batteries from this site, with FREE delivery!

Most Visitors to this site, order watch batteries from this site.

Watch Batteries, Calculator Batteries, Camera Batteries, Keyless Entry Batteries, and other Coin Cell Batteries for Sale in the USA Coin cell batteries and button cell battieries, Panasonic watch batteries, Sony watch batteries, Maxell watch batteries, Renata watch batteries, Energizer watch batteries, Rayovac watch batteries, Varta watch batteries, Eveready watch batteries, Duracell watch batteries, Timex watch batteries, Vinnic watch batteries, Bulova watch batteries, Accutron watch batteries, Seiko watch batteries, Citizen watch batteries, GP watch batteries, IEC watch batteries

With Free delivery, this no frills web site will allow you to order a watch battery and have it delivered to your door. If you need a watch battery for your watch, camera, personal organizer, laser pointer, calculator, electronic toy, or your car's keyless entry, this is the place! We carry coin cell batteries and button cell batteries for all applications.

We created this easy to use web site as a service to you, our customer. Nothing fancy here, just an easy way to get th replacement watch batteries that you need. We provide more than 60 different types of watch batteries, coin cell batteries, and button cell batteries. So if you need a watch battery for your watch, camera, pocket game, or car's keyless entry, try here first. It will be less expensive than many places, and with Free delivery in the USA you can't lose. We have button cell replacement batteries for Seiko watches, Casio watches, Fossil watches, Swatch watches, and your good old Accutron that still keeps perfect time.

Replacing your watch battery is easy.  We have created a watch battery chart that makes it very easy to find your replacement watch battery.  We have created a list of coin cell and button cell batteries.  The watch battery chart is in alpha-numeric order.  All that is necessary, is to find your watch battery in the list.  The watch battery number next to your cross referenced battery number is the watch battery you should order.  In this list we have silver oxide batteries, 3 volt lithium ion coin cell batteries, and alkaline button cell batteries. 

If you are comparing prices of other sites, please consider the total cost including shipping costs. With a low battery price and free delivery from Watch Batteries USA, we are confident your total cost will be lower.

 Ordering is simple:

A. Choose from those batteries listed in our quick cross-reference list  where the pricing is provided, or from the size chart.  These tables give you the watch battery number to order.  Please use this Watch Battery number when placing your order.  We provide only the highest quality batteries.

B. Simple ordering through our secure credit card site.  When paying by credit card, after checking the cross-reference table go directly to the Quick Catalog  page.

C. E-mail any questions you have to us at Watchbatteries@aol.com.  Remember a low battery price and a free shipping cost when ordering in the USA.  Your batteries will usually be shipped to you by return mail the day we receive your secure credit card order.

Our promise to you is this:

1. You will get an e-mail message confirming receipt of your order.  We will prepare your order for shipment and ship immediately.

2. You will be informed by e-mail or telephone if we cannot deliver your goods immediately by return mail.

3. We will send you a business card and email you a reminder to "bookmark" our site for future use.  Remember, FREE shipping with your order from Watch Batteries USA!

4. We will never forward your address, telephone or email address to anyone.


Order with confidence from Watch Batteries USA

This web site has been formerly know as http://hometown.aol.com/watchbatteries or hometown.aol.com/watchbatteries or http://www.hometown.aol.com/watchbatteries or www.hometown.aol.com/watchbatteries or http://member.aol.com/watchbatteries or member.aol.com/watchbatteries or http://www.members.aol.com/watchbatteries or www.members.aol.com/watchbatteries or http://watchbatteriesusa.com or watchbatteriesusa.com or http://www.watchbatteriesusa.com or www.watchbatteriesusa.com

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Watch Battery Customer Comments

Thank you so much ... It's nice to see someone who really cares about customer service. There were no problems with my watch battery order what so ever. .....John Williams, New York

Thanks for the help today in getting me a silver oxide watch battery.  You guys go above and beyond and I will definitely recommend you to any one that is interested in a watch battery.  Again thanks and keep up the good work. .......Leslie Blackburn, Los Angeles

 I certainly appreciate your attention to customer service! .....Lisa Anderson, Chicago

Your service was Excellent. I was very impressed.  WatchBatteriesUSA.com is a GREAT company for watch battery replacement... .....Tom Steinmetz, California

My specialty is customer service and yours excellent! Thank you for providing the watch battery for my Seiko watch... .....Clay Chason

Your service was great and I was very happy to get the silver oxide battery I needed.  I will refer all my friends who need watch batteries to you. ....Ted Dennis, Illinois

Your company has excellent customer service.  Customer service as good as yours is a rare find.  Your company, has clearly put forth the effort completed my watch battery order flawlessly and quickly. .....Mary Bennecki

You responded quickly to my question about the CR2032 3 volt litium coin cell battery.  That was nice! .....John Seifert 

Your service was excellent. Your watch battery chart showed me the correct watch battery size to order in seconds... .....Dick Wilson

I was very happy with my order for my car remote battery and the speed at which it was handled.   Watch Batteries USA did a great job... .....Ed Rodian

I have been a Watch Batteries USA customer for over 3 years and I am very pleased ... ....Karen Neider

Thank you very much for caring about your customers.....Ben Shermann

I want to thank you for taking the time to explain everything about the silver oxide watch battery I needed. ....Pat Croger

I would recommend your company to anyone.   It made me feel good that you were honest... ....Mark Binks

The service I obtained was excellent, very professional, as well as very straight forward and honest. All in all, my experience with Watch Batteries USA was very pleasant ... such an efficient and professional organization. .....Tom Moss

The service that I received with my battery order was excellent. Thank you for finding the correct battery for my car's keyless entry... .....Thomas Cook

I know you have good service because my mother and my brother use your serviceĀ…....Tanya Bennett

Your service is great! .....Bob Sherman, California

I found your service is very good from the ordering to receiving my watch batteries.......Tom Williamson

Your company had the best prices for watch batteries going! .....Steven Anatello

I was very pleased with your service and the way you handled my battery order. Thanks for all of your help. .....Dave Branson

Thank you very much ... I am impressed with your quick service! .....Betty Cowell

Thank you sooooo much for your help... I have been looking my watch battery for a while.. I emailed Watch Batteries USA and found what I needed.  I wanted to thank you for making it so easy to get my watch running again. .....Lauren Missin

Thank you very much for your professionalism.  I wish you continued success in your business. .....Steve Phillips